Gulls in the news #1

This is the first of what I’m hoping to become a regular overview of gull related articles in officially published media such as newspapers, scientific papers, etc. from around the world that caught my eye because they are interesting, fascinating, disturbing, upsetting, funny, etc.

United Kingdom

23 May 2013

Conservation agency approved cull of endangered birds, documents show

Abstract: “Natural England licensed cull of tens of thousands of lesser black-backed gulls on one of England’s largest shooting estates”

Source: the guardian Web site

12 May 2013

Why giant gulls could be the answer to the urban seagulls terrorising our towns and cities

Abstract: “Great black-backed gulls are up to twice the size of the gulls we normally see in towns and could slowly be making their homes on urban rooftops. […] and feeding on the eggs and chicks of nuisance gulls.”

Source: Wales Online

15 May 2013


Abstract: “Champagne, caviar, oysters and whisky are all specialities taken very seriously at Boisdale’s three London venues, making them the perfect settings in which to celebrate spring by showcasing an extremely rare delicacy: the gull’s egg.

These treasured black-headed seagull’s eggs are incredibly hard to come by as you need a unique licence to collect them – there are only about 25 of these in existence, and of those only about a third are actually in use. They can only be collected from six specific UK sites between April 1 and May 15 and only a single egg can be taken from a nest.

The eggs are traditionally eaten hard-boiled but as they have become increasingly fashionable, chefs have started to become more adventurous in experimenting with them.”

Source: Boisdale of Canary Warf

1 May 2013

VIDEO: Seagull with fish hook caught in mouth entangled in power lines at Tresillian

Abstract: “A seagull with a fish hook in its mouth became entangled in power lines above a main road. Firefighters used their expertise to rescue the seagull caught up in the electricity cables above the A390 in Tresillian.”


New Zealand

6 May 2013

Man jailed for driving into threatened gull colony

Abstract: “An Ashburton man has been successfully prosecuted by the Department of Conservation for damage to a nesting colony of endangered black-billed gulls (tarāpuka). […] The incident is likely to have had a significant impact on the gull colony, which that year made up 11% of the total black-billed gull population, said DOC Raukapuka Area Office Manager George Hadler.”

Source: Department of Conservation Web site

United States

8 May 2013

Are seagulls killing whales in Patagonia?

Abstract: “…scientists say seagulls may be responsible for hundreds of southern right whale mortalities off the Argentine coastline. […] Scientists now hypothesize that kelp gulls (Larus dominicanus) may be behind the high death rate, since the gulls repeatedly land on southern right whales pecking at them to tear off chunks of skin and blubber for food.”


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