Marker database: first design and basic functionality

It has been a while since I last posted about my new database that I am building for keeping track of ringed gulls. In my last post, I mentioned that I had imported records from my old database and had put in place the foundation of how the new database should work.

Over the last 10 weeks or so I have been working on cleaning up the rough edges and fine-tuning the basic functionality.

Here is what the main screen now looks like. It gives a high-level overview of a particular bird, the rings (which I refer to as ‘Markers’) it has been fitted with and the observations that are logged for it.


The Bird Overview screen.

As you can see, this bird was originally fitted with 2 rings, but has since lost one. It has also been observed numerous times.

More detailed information is displayed by clicking the information icons. Here is the screen showing the details for the black ring:

The Marker Details screen.

The Marker Details screen.

Such screens can also be used for updating or correcting the information they contain.

Here is the one for viewing/updating the observation details:

The Observation Details screen.

The Observation Details screen.

In this video, a bird is added together with an observation, markers and marker events. It is then updated by adding a marker that it used to be fitted with:

Over the coming weeks I will add more automation, especially related to re-using existing data. I still have many more features to add as well.

It is still very much a work in progress but I am very happy with the results so far. I haven’t started using the database yet but hopefully that moment will come soon.

3 thoughts on “Marker database: first design and basic functionality

    • Thanks Helder. You might be interested to know that I am thinking of making this database public, so you might be able to use it for keeping track of your ring readings.
      It will probably take several months though before the database is ready for a public release…

      • Great News Maarten! I´m currently using a very basic access database and its quite limited for reports and search information. I will be alert, and waiting for the database come to public..for sure a great improvment on rings and observations organization. Saw your pictures in Texel, lovely place, been there once..take the ferry from the homonymous town “Den Helder”.

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