2cy Norwegian Lesser Black-backed Gull – 20140603

Beautiful 2nd-calendar year Norwegian Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus intermedius, seen in Leiden, the Netherlands, 3 June 2014.

All scapulars have been replaced, as well as the tertials, inner coverts, inner secondaries and all rectices. Inner primaries P1 and P2 have been dropped.

The bill has a yellow base. The orbital ring is dark yellow.





P.S. This is blog post #200…

3 thoughts on “2cy Norwegian Lesser Black-backed Gull – 20140603

  1. Is it normal for a 2cy LBB gull to have a beak that’s turning yellow – this is a bird that’s about a year old? Congrats on 200 posts by the way. 🙂

    Oh yeah – I was going to link you to this but I forgot the other week. Friendliest (apparently) wild gull ever?

    [Edit: video removed]

    • Phil, the light bill is a characteristic that can be used to differentiate graellsii from intermedius (and fuscus for that matter). See A study of 2nd-calendar year Lesser Black-backed Gulls in June.

      About the video you posted: I was going to move the comment to the Video page (I like to stay on topic in my posts) but after watching it I actually removed it. Reason is that I don’t want to promote the way this gull is being handled: gulls are not pets and showing videos like this might bring people to bad ideas.
      Also, feel free to share content with me by email, rather than posting it as a comment.

      • Okay, no worries. I just thought that it was a funny video.

        I don’t even think that you *could* handle any other gull like that, even if you wanted to. You wouldn’t get near. That one has clearly been parented by a human.

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