Sub-adult Lesser Black-backed Gull – 20140630

Images of a sub-adult Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus graellsii (Dutch intergrade).

This individual showed itself so well and so many times that it deserved its own page. Ageing it is difficult; it’s most likely a 3rd-calendar year type but 4th-calendar year cannot be ruled out.[Edit: based on the presence of the mirror on P10 and the broad white edge of the secondaries, a 3rd-calendar year can actually be ruled out.]

All images were taken in the gull colony of IJmuiden (Forteiland), the Netherlands, 30 june 2014.

LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-5 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-6 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-2 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-4 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-7 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-3 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-1 LBBG-3cy-20140630-1-8

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