Marked Birds Database update – a new approach

It has been some time since I have last reported on the database that I am building for keeping track of the ringed gulls that I observe.

MBDB 1.5 Bird Overview

The silence in communication isn’t because the project has come to a stop though. On the contrary: it is very much alive and much has happened over the last couple of months.

To see a demo of what the database now looks like, see this short video:

Beta testing

One of the main changes is that I have now enlisted the support of Henri Zomer who is beta-testing the database for me, provides me with feedback and who I can bounce off my ideas to: a great help!

Designed to fit all screens

One of the first items that came up during testing was that my design did not fit smaller monitors. Because the plan is to eventually make the database available to the public, I had to address this. However, this meant a re-design and essentially taking 2 steps back to take 1 forward.

I ended up making the design fit on small monitors (1366 x 768) and to automatically scale it when resized on larger monitors.

This was a lot of work but now that it is completed I am very happy with the end result and I really think that it has improved the performance and overall useability.

Re-building existing features

Having to re-design the database has meant that I had to re-build the existing features, a task that is now almost complete. Once that is done I can focus on adding more features and functionality.

Support for wader projects

The biggest challenge that we have lined up is to try and figure out how to support wader projects. Such projects are very diverse and can include up to 7 or 8 different Markers for a single bird. We are currently debating how to make it as easy as possible to enter such projects into the database and how to best display them. We think that this is an essential addition to the database though that has to be completed before we can make the database public.

More to come

So all in all much has been done this year but many more tasks still need to be completed over the coming months as well.

I am hoping to be able to report on the progress on a more regular basis from now on.

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