30CY European Herring Gull ZDGA ringed as Green F.AMA – 20150208

Great news: today ‘my’ old Herring Gull ZDGA has been caught in Leiden and fitted with new rings: he is now wearing a green color ring with white code F.AMA on one leg and a metal ring coded Vogeltrekstation Arnhem 5.504.337 on the other.

ZDGA was caught by chance by ringer Frank Majoor who happened to be in Leiden to mostly ring Black-headed Gulls but to also ring Herring Gulls in the city center. ZDGA was easily attracted and caught.


We have been wanting to catch ZDGA for some years now because as you can see, ring Green A is in a bad state. Incidentally, the black ring marked ‘D’ was already lost in june 2012. It is great therefore that he has now been fitted with new rings with which we can follow him for a long time still.

And after having read ring Green A for a total of 111 times in the field between June 2009 and December 2014, it is now part of my personal collection:


After having been reported for a total of 196 times since 1986, ZDGA will now become FAMA (although I think we will stick to calling him ZDGA…)

30 Calendar years

Today’s sighting is important for another reason as well because it confirms that ZDGA has made it to its 30th calendar year and is now officially 28,6 years old. This makes him one of the oldest known Dutch Herring Gulls.

One thought on “30CY European Herring Gull ZDGA ringed as Green F.AMA – 20150208

  1. I’m glad that he turned up. One of the best things about your site has been reading about this guy. I was hoping that you’d see him again this year…

    I’m surprised that they were able to catch him – I thought that he’d be way too careful around humans by now. You don’t get to that age by being a gullible gull. 🙂

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