2CY Baltic Gull – 20150816

After having visited Stockholm last week where I observed four 2nd-calendar year Baltic Gulls, I discovered one at one of my local gull patches yesterday during a brief visit.

It caught my attention because of its uniformly coloured brown plumage and bicolored bill with greyish-green base and black tip. Pretty much the features you would like to see in an out of range Baltic Gull of this age.

After having taken a bath it flew up which gave me a good view of its tail and wings which showed a complete set of replaced feathers and no moult gaps.

I wasn’t able to make clear photos of a spread wing but the videos and images that I took just show enough of the main features.

The video and photos from were taken at Katwijk aan Zee (Binnenwatering), the Netherlands, 16 August 2015. (Some photos are screenshots from the video.)







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