3CY Baltic Gulls with multiple moult cycles, Stockholm – August 2015

I was in Stockholm, Sweden for a few days recently to study Baltic Gulls Larus fuscus fuscus. I went mainly for the adult birds but I left being most impressed by the sub-adults.

After being excited about seeing second-calendar years with growing 3rd-generation primaries, some 3rd-calendar years impressed me even more with a few individuals showing 3 moult cycles: 4th-generation inner primaries, 3rd-generation centre primaries and 2nd-generation outer primaries. Very cool.

All images were taken in Stockholm, Sweden around the Skeppsbron area, 7 – 10 August 2015.

For more information about identification and the moult process of Baltic Gulls of this age, see the references at the end of this post.

Bird #1

P1 4th generation, P2 missing/growing, P3 – P7 3rd generation, P8 – P10 2nd generation.


Bird #2

P1 and P2 4th generation, P3 missing/growing, P4 – 6 3rd generation, P7 – P10 2nd generation.


See more images of this bird on Alan Dalton’s blog.

Bird #3

P1 and P2 missing/growing, P3 – P7 3rd generation, P8 – P10 2nd generation.


Bird #4

Inner primaries at least 3rd generation, P6 – P10 2nd generation.


Bird #5

P1 – P5 3rd generation, P6 – P10 2nd generation, mirror on P10.



Bird #6

P1 – P4 3rd generation, P5 missing/growing, P6 – P10 2nd generation.



3CY Baltic Gulls – gull-research.org

Plumage development and ageing of Baltic Gull – A. Lindholm & A. Forsten


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