Marked Birds Database update – an easier way of adding a bird and Markers

I have been searching a long time for an easy and user friendly way to add a new bird with markers to the Marked Birds database that I am developing and it took a new version of the software to give me the solution.

The method that I have come up with allows you to simply click on a position on the leg, choose the type of Marker you want to add in a popover window and then add the details.

To make life easy, only those fields are shown that are related to the Marker type that you have chosen. So you won’t see a field for a ringing station when adding a color ring or see a field to enter a code when the ring does not have a code.


See this video where I talk about how to use this feature:

Preparation for wader bird support

Now that this new functionality is in place, I can easily use it to add support for wader bird projects, something that has been on our list for a long time.

Such projects use many leg rings, usually small and uncoded, and sometimes in combination with a flag. Because of the high number of rings and flags that can be fitted as well as the many different places on the leg in which they can be positioned, this has always been a challenge to build into the database. With the newly added feature though this is now straightforward and I aim to be able to show this within the next few weeks.


A Sanderling (Calidris alba) fitted with multiple small color rings, a flag and a metal ring. The database should soon support these types of projects.


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