Celebrating my 200th ringed Black-headed Gull and 1600 sightings in Leiden


This first-winter Black-headed Gull with colour ring Yellow KHU6 that I observed in Leiden on 14 October 2016 is special for me for 2 reasons:

  1. It is the 200th ringed Black-headed Gull that I’ve observed here since I started ring reading in March 2009.
  2. It was ringed in Latvia and is my first colour ring from that country (and only my fourth in total).

I have now also recorded more than 1600 observations of ringed Black-headed Gulls in Leiden. A nice achievement!

Most of these observations are of course Dutch or even locally ringed Black-headed Gulls, but I was also able to records some nice visitors over the years. Here are some of the highlights:

Black-headed Gull with Spanish color ring Blue NB79. Leiden, 21 January 2012:

Adult Black-headed Gull with Spanish color ring Blue NB79. Leiden, The Netherlands, 21 January 2012.

Black-headed Gull with Slovak ring Bratislava H16356. Leiden, 4 January 2014.

M[Bratislava H16356]-20140104

Three in a row. From left to right: Bruxelles 8T28205, Stockholm 6400068 and White 333 from Denmark. Leiden, 24 February 2013:


Black-headed Gull with Russian ring Moskva PS009035. Leiden, 18 December 2011:

M[Moskva PS009035]-20111218

Black-headed Gull with French ring Paris FS70414. Leiden, 20 December 2015:

M-Paris FS70414-20151220

Black-headed Gull in its 24th calendar year with Dutch ring Arnhem 3431752. Leiden, 13 November 2011:


Black-headed Gull Yellow 2JXJ from the United Kingdom. Leiden, 20 December 2015:


Black-headed Gull with Danish metal ring and Dutch color ring White E4XK. Leiden, 3 February 2015:


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