Marked Birds Database – Searching (basics)

The benefit of having a database is of course the ability to perform a multitude of searches, ranging from finding all observations done in one location on a particular date, to more advanced searches such as finding birds of a particular species which are female and seen in 2 locations.

Tip: Try to add as much data in the database to as many fields as possible. The more data you have, the more advanced your searches can be.

Ways of searching

The Marked Birds Database offers two ways of searching: a Basic Search and a Search Extra.

See a short introduction of these search modes in this video:

What to search for

Using either search method you can search for:

  • Individual birds
  • Observations
  • Marker Events

Basic Search

A Basic search is a simple, straight-forward search and can be performed from all main layouts. To enter search mode simply click Find in the toolbar or press Ctrl+F / Cmd+F from any layout. A form appears showing the fields that are relevant to the layout that you are working in.

Keep the following in mind:

  • To search for indidual birds, search in Bird Overview
  • To search for observations, search in Observation Details
  • To search for Marker Events, search in Marker Events

Enter the search term that you want to search on in one or more fields and press Enter or click Perform Find in the toolbar.

The results are shown as a set of results, displayed in the layout that you were working in. If multiple results are found you can use the Next/Previous buttons in the toolbar to view each result. The total number of results found is shown next to these buttons.


The most often used basic search is finding a bird: start from the Bird Overview layout, press Ctrl+F / Cmd+F, enter the Current Marker Code and press Enter.

Search Extra

An advanced search is different from the Basic Search in the following ways:

  1. It allows you to search on many more fields
  2. It shows you the results in a list view

Access it clicking Search Extra in the top right corner.


When accessing Search Extra, a form appears with all fields that are available to search on.

Enter the search term that you want to search on in one or more fields and press Enter or click Perform Find in the toolbar.

Initially, the search results are shown in the same form. For better viewing the results, click ‘Show results in list’. This opens a new window showing all found records in a list form.

From here, do one of the following:

  • Use the Preview button to quickly view the ringing details or observations of that bird.
  • Use the ‘i’ icons to open the Bird Overview or Observation Details layout for that bird in a new window.
  • Click the red cross for a bird to remove it from the search results.
  • Click Export to export the results to for example Excel.

Very advanced searches can be performed by using the ‘Modify last find’ button. I will explain the use of this in another blog post, but for now, see this explained in this (old) video:


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