Marked Birds Database – Version 1.8.1 available

I’m happy to announce the release of the Marked Birds Database version 1.8.1. It contains small bug fixes and minor improvements.

A link to the download file as well as instructions about installing, setting up and using the database can be found on the Marked Birds Database page.

Users who are using an older version can import their data into the new version.

Bug fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • MBDB-786 – ‘Record cannot be modified in this window’ message when accessing layout from Manage MDBD menu.
  • MBDB-787 – ‘Script cannot be found’ error when clicking Zoom button for PDF file in Life History layout
  • MBDB-790 – Search fields missing in layout ‘Bird Primary pattern – Edit’.
  • MBDB-798 – Changes in layout ‘Add event to Marker’ not automatically saved.
  • MBDB-799 – Search fields missing in layout ‘Life History’.


The following items have been improved:

  • MBDB-791 – Manage MBDB layouts: add more search options.
  • MBDB-792 – Add current age and observation age to Observation Printout.
  • MBDB-793 – Add scoring system for P10 tongue of large gulls.
  • MBDB-795 – Change link for Euring codes from cr-birding to
  • MBDB-796 – Add link for Euring codes to Ringing Station layout.
  • MBDB-797 – Add observer to Search fields of Observation layout.

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