Marked Birds Database – updating the Current Age

As explained in the blog post about bird ages, the Marked Birds Database keeps track of the Current Age of a bird.

It is shown in the top right corner on many layouts:


Because the Current Age is tracked in calendar years, it changes each year on the 1st of January. When a new year starts therefore, the Current Age needs to be updated. This can be done manually or automatically.

Note: Having the correct Current Age set is important because it is used for automatically settng the observation age of a bird whenever a new observation is created.

Updating manually

If you only have a few birds to update, you can do this manually by doing one of the following:

  • Click the blue arrows in the lower left corner of the Current Age field


  • Open the Current Age list and set the next calendar year for that bird


When done, click Save.

Updating automatically

When you have many birds to update, it is easier to let the database do this automatically for you.

Note: Since version, this feature has changed and improved. I advise all users to have at least this version or higher installed.

From the Manage MBDB menu, choose Actions > Update Current Age for All Birds.


Confirm that you want to run this process and let it run until you see a message appear that the process is completed. Note that when you have many thousands of of birds to update, that it can take quite some time to complete.

Let the process run. When completed, a message will appear.



After automatically updating the Current Age I see that it has not been updated for some birds.

The update process works by re-calculating the Current Age based on the ringing details or entered observations. When neither are available, no information is available to update the age and therefore it is left as is. For these birds the Current Age needs to be updated manually by selecting an age from the list.

Also, when the status for a bird is set to ‘Mortis’, the current age for that bird is not updated. This way, the current age reflects the age of the bird at the time it passed away.

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