Visit to the gull colony of IJmuiden – 20170410

Images taken during a visit to the gull colony of IJmuiden, the Netherlands, 10 April 2017.


Lesser Black-backed Gulls

Female Green YAUW with partner Green YAJN:

Male Green SAAC has been visiting the colony since 2016 after loosing its colony in nearby Zaandam in 2015 due to construction work. Initial signs are that it may start breeding in IJmuiden this year.

Female Green YABC overflying the colony:

Powerful looking female YABJ:

Seeing female Green YAJJ was quite special because the last time I saw her was in January 2017 in Morocco. Note the presence of much white on the inner web of P7 which is typical for her primary pattern:

Green YBDL flying through the colony:

Male Green YBKS:

Flight shot compilation of male Green YAJU:

Flight shot compilation of male Green YBHR:

Herring Gulls

Female Green YBRB at her nest location with metal ringed partner to her left:

Male Green YCBC:

Presumed hybrid Lesser Black-backed Gull x Yellow-legged Gull

Male Green YCAF is back for his second breeding season:

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