Visit to the gull colony of IJmuiden – 20170424

Images taken during a visit to the gull colony of IJmuiden, the Netherlands, 24 April 2017.

The colony is now full of breeding pairs and the first eggs have been laid.

Lesser Black-backed Gulls

Black 5AM6

Ringed in Guernsey, UK as a sub-adult in 2012, male Black 5AM6 has returned to the colony for the third season in a row but this seems to be the first season that it is actively breeding.


Ringed in Suffolk, UK as a pullus in 2005, female Red RWN has been a regular breeder since 2010 and is back for another season.

White N0M2

White N0M2 is one of three Spanish-ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the colony.

Green YAAA

Male Green YAAA was one of the very first gulls to be ringed for this project back in 2008.

Green YBAT

Green YASV

Green YBUB

Green YBCF

Green YAWB

Green YCCD

Herring Gulls

Green YAUC

Now 25-years old, male Green YAUC is still actively breeding.

Green YBUF

Green YCBB

Green YAPJ

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