Unidentified adult Lesser Black-backed Gull – 20171012

Images of an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, seen at the landfill of Blaringhem, France on 12 October 2017.

It stood out because of the almost fully white head and especially the wings with a full set of primaries.

I can’t decide whether wing moult still has to commence or has already been completed. Primaries and secondaries look very fresh? Both moult types would be a-typical for this time of year for any adult Lesser Black-backed that I’m familiar with, with the exception of Baltic Gull. However, I don’t think the grey tone is dark enough for fuscus fuscus (?).

So what is it? Graellsii, intermedius, fuscus fuscus or heuglini? All bets are open at this stage…





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