Marked Birds Database – Version 1.12.0 available

I’m happy to announce the release of the Marked Birds Database version 1.12.0. It contains one main improvement, one small new feature and various improvements and some fixes.

A link to the download file as well as instructions about installing, setting up and using the database can be found on the Marked Birds Database page.

Users who are using a previous version can import their data into the new version.

BirdRing import: creating new birds

I’m very excited about the new feature that I have added that relates to importing data from the BirdRing app. It was already possible to import observations for birds that existed in the system, but it is now also possible to automatically create new birds. Note that it is currently limited to using one form in the BirdRing app only, but that more forms will be supported over time.


While testing this on a ring reading trip to France recently during which we read around 70 ringed gulls each day, this turned out to be a huge time saver compared to manually adding these birds and observations. At the end of each day, all birds (most of them new) and their observations were imported into the database in a very short time: on average the whole process took about 45 minutes; this is less than a minute per bird and because entering most of the data was done in the BirdRing app, the chance of making mistakes was greatly reduced.

For more details and instructions, see BirdRing import: automatically creating new birds (phase 1).

Overview of Euring bird ages

I sometimes receive a life history in which the bird age is referred to by a Euring code. Because ‘bird age = 5’ or ‘bird age = 8’ doesn’t mean anything to me, I always have to look up what the age in calendar years is. Of course, I can never find my list so I thought it would be handier to include it in the Marked Bird Database, especially because I already store these codes in a table.

You can find the new overview by going to  Manage MBDB > Euring Bird Age Codes.


Known issues

  • After using the BirdRing import and then manually adding a bird, sometimes an observation is added to a bird without having the option ‘Add observation’ set. This issue is under investigation.

Release Notes – Marked Birds Database – Version 1.12.0

  • MBDB-889 BirdRing: automatically create bird fitted with 1 color ring or 1 metal ring
  • MBDB-891 Add BTO age codes to table of bird ages
  • MBDB-895 Show bird species code in Bird Species layout
  • MBDB-897 Add BirdRing option to Add Bird Main screen
  • MBDB-899 Add layout showing Euring bird age codes
  • MBDB-901 Create dedicated button for BirdRing import
  • MBDB-903 Add default ringing station to ringer



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