Caspian Gulls at Terschelling – November 2017

Spending 2 days on the North Sea beach of the isle of Terschelling on November 24 and 25 resulted in seeing 8 ringed Caspian Gulls from 4 countries.

Seven of them were observed on the first day (out of 30 individuals seen) while this number dropped to 4 on the next day (out of some 50 individuals; 1 bird was new, the other 3 were also seen the first day).

They were ringed in Poland (4), Germany (2x), Denmark (1) and Slovakia (1). Both German birds were hybrid-types.

Below follow photos of all individuals.

Many thanks to Jacob and Nancy for their hospitality!


Red 93P6

Third-calendar year. Ringed in south-west Poland near the Czech border as a pullus in 2015.

Species: ‘Caspian Gull colony’.


Red 879P

Second-calendar year. Ringed as a pullus in 2016 in the same colony as Red 879P in south-west Poland near the Czech border.

Species: ‘Caspian Gull colony’.


Yellow PAPB

Adult, 9th-calendar year. Ringed in May 2009 as a pullus.


Interestingly, this is one of the very first colour-ringed birds that I have read when I started reading ringed gulls back in 2009. I came across it while on a paleagic trip on the North Sea somewhere off the Dutch coast in October 2009:


It has also been observed in the UK regularly.

It was great seeing it for the second time so many years later.

Yellow P:D67

First-calendar year. Ringed in south-west Poland near the Czech border as a pullus in 2017.

Species: ‘Caspian Gull colony’.



Yellow VBSC

Adult-type. Ringing details pending.



Yellow X812

First-calendar year. Ringed this year in the mixed colony of Gräbendorfer See, Brandenburg, Germany near the Polish/Czech border. Possibly has some Herring Gull genes.


Green XEDA

Hybrid Caspian, presumed Caspian Gull x Herring Gull. Ringing details pending.



White 317:S

Fourth-calendar year-type. Ringing details pending.


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