Marked Birds Database update: plans for the coming months

In this post I would like to inform you about the plans for the Marked Birds Database for the coming months. Please note that it contains important information for those of you who are using the database on a Mac.

Development during the breeding season

As you may know, the breeding season for gulls is quickly approaching. During the months of April to July therefore, I will be spending much of my time doing fieldwork as part of a gull research team. This means that similar to previous years, no work will be done on the database between April and July. Effectively though (also because of another important change, see below), no new version will be released between now (mid-March) and August.

Upgrading to a new version of FileMaker

I’m developing the database using a software application named ‘FileMaker’ on a laptop running MacOS. The current version of the database is made with version 13, which is now some 3 years old.

I’m currently in the process of moving to FileMaker 16 because of the following reasons:

  1. To make the database compatible with MacOS 10.13 and higher.
  2. FileMaker 16 contains new features that will improve the efficiency of developing the database and that will make the database more user friendly.

The next version therefore of the database that will be released some time after July will be made with FileMaker 16.


If you are using the database on a Mac, please note that for the version that is made with FileMaker 16, MacOS 10.11 or higher is required. If you are on MacOS 10.10 or lower, the database cannot be run. I hope that this does not create any problems for you.

To be clear: this does not affect Windows users, the database will continue to run fine on the version of Windows on which you are currently running the database.

Have a good summer!

I hope to have informed you satisfactorily about my plans for the coming months, and I’m hoping to have a new version available shortly after the breeding season is over.

Happy ring reading!

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