Marked Birds Database Manual – Working with life histories

This article is part of the Marked Birds Database manual and describes how to work with life histories.

For each bird a life history can be stored.

The life history is accessed by opening the main menu and choosing Life History or by choosing Quick View > Life History when working in the Bird Overview screen or the Observation Details screen.

A life history can be added for a bird in the following formats:

  • Text
  • PDF
  • Image
  • Hyperlink
  • Any file as an attachment

Each type of life history is shown separately on the page.

You access each type by clicking its button: when content for a type is available the button is blue, the button for the content that is currently shown is green.

The last viewed state is also remembered.

For Web links, the web site is also shown (this obviously requires an Internet connection). If you want you can also have the link shown in your Web browser.

To keep track of the date when any field in the Life History screen is changed, set a date in the Last Updated field. This will give you an indication how current the added information is. To have this date automatically set, select Manage MBDB > Preferences > Features > Auto-set Last Received Date.

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