Marked Birds Database Manual

The articles below explain how to use the Marked Birds Database, a system for keeping track of observations of ringed birds.

For more information and download links, see the main page.

How it works

Concept – the basics


Basic setup

Importing data from an older version


Adding birds – basics

Workflow – basics

Searching – basics

Working with bird ages

Importing birds and observations from BirdRing

Updating the Current Age

Creating a backup

Remember to regularly create a backup of your database, simply by creating a copy of the whole folder. Preferably store it in a different location (such as on a USB-stick) than the system on which the database is installed.

Do this especially after adding many birds, observations, life histories, images, and so on. Basically, each time you think: “I don’t want to have to go through the process of adding that again”, make a backup. This could be daily, weekly, or any time you see fit.

Remember that it is software and computers, anything can happen…


Using the Bird Overview screen

Working with birds

Working with life histories


Using the Observation Details screen

Working with observers

Markers and Marker Events

Working with Markers and Marker Events


Working with images

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