Adult European Herring Gull Green YCUZ with Thayeri-pattern on P9 and P10 – 20190703

Images of adult Herring Gull Green YCUZ, which we ringed as part of our research project in the IJmuiden Forteiland colony, the Netherlands.

Interestingly, it showed a Thayeri-pattern on P10 and P9 (where the black of the outer web does not reach the edge of the inner web, a pattern common in Thayeri-gulls, hence the name).

However, when viewing the upper wing in the field, the Thayeri-pattern is obscured by the overlapping feathers thereby making it look like there is nothing out of the ordinary…

It makes you wonder how many other Herring Gulls with such a pattern are out there that go unnoticed…

Images were taken in the IJmuiden Forteiland colony in May and June 2019.

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