Lesser Black-backed Gull Green YCWU: from chick to juvenile

In preparation for fitting several juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gulls with GPS loggers in the IJmuiden Forteiland colony in the Netherlands, we closely monitored the development of several young birds.

This resulted in a nice photographic overview of the development of these birds, from fluffy chick to fully feathered juvenile.

One such example is Green YCWU, who eventually was fitted with a GPS logger.

The photos were taken between 3 June 2019 and 22 July 2019 when it was between 3 and 52 days old.

Click for a larger view.

3 June, ~ 3 days old

7 June, ~ 7 days old

14 June, ~ 14 days old

24 June, ~ 24 days old

12 July, ~ 42 days old

22 July, ~ 52 days old

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