Marked Birds Database – Version 2.6.0 available

I’m happy to announce the release of the Marked Birds Database version 2.6.0. It contains a new feature, various improvements, some changes, and fixes.

For a full list, see the bottom of this article.

A link to the download file as well as instructions about installing, setting up and using the database can be found on the Marked Birds Database page.

Users who are using a previous version can import their data into the new version.

New feature

It is now possible to quickly see which observations exist in the database that were made on today’s day or during the current month in previous years.

Do this by clicking On this Day/Month on the Bird Overview screen and using one of the available options. Enter a year to narrow down the results by that year.


Observations that are found are displayed in the Search Extra > Observations screen.


Various improvements have been made.


The Search Extra Observations screen now contains a Batch Action button through which the reporting options can be set for all observations that are currently shown.



The Bird References screen has been improved by showing each type separately instead of showing all types on the same screen. It now works in the same way as the Life History screen.


Exporting observations

When exporting observations to Excel from the Search Extra Observations screen, columns for primary moult are now also included.


The following change has been made:

  • Maximizing windows. Windows are now only maximized when Manage MBDB > Preferences > System > Keep Windows Maximized is enabled. This makes it possible to run the database in a manually set window size when needed, for example when using a large monitor.

Fixed issues

  • MBDB-361 Replaced Marker is shown twice in Visual Display.
  • MBDB-581 Visual Display shows too many previous markers.
  • MBDB-1195 Hidden reporting options give a count for non-reported and non-received observations.
  • MBDB-1198 Standard Image indicator not shown if only 1 image is available.
  • MBDB-1204 Setting Standard image does not work when only 1 image exists for the bird.
  • MBDB-1205 No option to remove image as Standard Image other than assigning another image.
  • MBDB-1208 Reading direction for tarsus rings not set in Marker Events when manually adding Oystercatchers.
  • MBDB-1210 Check All Birds > Not Received: text overlapping.
  • MBDB-1211 Add option to show all observations in history on current day and month.
  • MBDB-1177 References: improve display of different reference types.
  • MBDB-1207 Observations report should include primary moult data.
  • MBDB-1209 Stop Add Bird dashboard from maximizing.
  • MBDB-1213 Search Extra Observations: Make it possible to set reporting options in batch.
  • MBDB-1214 Manage MBDB screen should only maximize when preference is set.
  • MBDB-1206 Bird images grid: remove download and Standard Image options from popover.

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