Marked Birds Database – Version 2.12.0 available

I’m happy to announce the release of the Marked Birds Database version 2.12.0. It contains a new feature, improvements, and some fixes.

This will be the last major update for a while, I will be concentrating on other personal projects.

For a full list, see the bottom of this article.

A link to the download file as well as instructions about installing, setting up and using the database can be found on the Marked Birds Database page.

Users who are using a previous version can import their data into the new version.


  1. New: Information about the weather and tide can now be stored for an observation.
  2. Improved: The Search Extra forms now have a vertical layout instead of a horizontal layout.
  3. Improved: When viewing an observation, the Search Extra Observations form for the date of the observation can be directly opened.
  4. Fixed: Various issues that were not working properly.

Meteo and tidal data

It is now possible to store information about the weather and tide as part of an observation to give more context of the conditions under which the observation was made.

A tab named Meteo and Tide has been added to the Observation Details screen in which the following data can be added:

  • Weather type, such as partly cloudy, sunny, fog, rain, and so on.
  • Temperature
  • Wind direction
  • Wind strength (in Beaufort)
  • Tide: low, high, rising, or dropping
  • Notes

Click the image for a larger view:

The data is also displayed as icons on the Bird Overview screen for the observation:

The unit in which temperature is shown (Celsius or Fahrenheit) can be set in Manage MBDB > Preferences > System > Units > Temperatures.

The meteo and tide fields are also available in the Search Extra forms, and is also exported to Excel from Search Extra Observations.

The meteo and tide information can also be updated of multiple observations by using the Batch Actions option in Observation Details.

Accessing Search Extra Observations for a particular date

When viewing an observation, a typical action to perform is to export all observations of that day to Excel to submit them to the ringers.

This is typically done by accessing the Search Extra Observations form, entering the date, and performing the search.

This process is now automated: when in the Observation Details screen, a button is now available in the Search Extra popover which performs the search for you. It is labelled ‘Observations for <date>’.

Search Extra forms design

The Search Extra forms now show the fields in a vertical design instead of blocks next to each other. This should make the forms better readable.


The following features that were not working properly have been fixed:

  • BirdRing import: when the preference ‘auto-set observation date’ is disabled, the ‘Days since last observed’ are now calculated.
  • Manually adding a bird with medium rings: the reading direction label ‘Unknown (Shown as up)’ for the tibia rings is now not incorrectly shown anymore as ‘Horizontal’.
  • Visual Displays: When the reading direction of a medium color ring is set to ‘Unknown’, the code is now shown as ‘Up’.

Release Notes

  • MBDB-976 Observations: add option to store weather data.
  • MBDB-1294 Search Extra Observations: access search results based on date currently viewed observation.
  • MBDB-1296 BirdRing: form for updating locations in batch shows too many fields in search mode.
  • MBDB-1300 BirdRing: ‘Days since last observed’ not calculated when auto-set observation date is enabled.
  • MBDB-1301 Search extra forms: turn into a vertical design.
  • MBDB-1302 Add bird manually: label for tibia reading direction ‘unknown’ is shown as ‘horizontal’.
  • MBDB-1304 Visual Display for medium rings: code not shown for tibia with reading direction ‘unknown’.

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