Many of my blog posts are trip reports or contain mainly photos. Every once in a while I also write in-depth articles about specific topics. To make these articles easier to find, I will list them here separately.


Identifying nearly-fledged Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the field
Deciphering the black mark on P9 of Black-headed Gulls
Bill and eye characteristics in European Herring Gulls
Primary pattern variation in individual European Herring Gull
Ring-billed Gulls vs Common Gulls: comparison from a Dutch perspective
Adult American Herring Gulls, seen from a Dutch perspective
Tertial spots in sub-adult and adult gulls
Status update on the presence of pseudo-mirrors and non-isolated mirrors in IJmuiden-ringed adult European Herring Gulls
Status update over de aanwezigheid van pseudo-spiegels en grijze inkepingen bij adulte Zilvermeeuwen van IJmuiden Forteiland


Forward posture

Kleptoparasitic behavior in Black-headed Gulls towards Sanderlings


Are bare patches in Herring Gulls a sign of old age?


Mixed breeding pair Herring Gull x Lesser Black-backed Gull in IJmuiden 2017


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