Yellow-legged Gulls (lusitanius) in Spain – November 2019

Images of Yellow-legged Gulls Larus michahellis lusitanius, northern Spain, Basque country.

The photos were taken during the International Gull Meeting held in San Sebastian, 14-16 November 2019. Many thanks to the organizers for a perfectly held event at an excellent location, with interesting presentations, very enjoyable gull watching trips in the company of old and new friends!

It was my first encounter with the lusitanius version of the Yellow-legged Gull. The first-calendar years especially were striking with their lack of moulted wing coverts. Very educational.

All colour-ringed gulls are from the local area.

Click for a larger view.

First-calendar years

Un-ringed indivdual at Getaria.

Red J13G at San Sebastian.

Red H11G at San Sebastian.

Red J24G at Deba.


Red 9L5G at San Sebastian.

Red 8L1G at San Sebastian.

Red H081G at Zumaia.

P.S. the event was reported on by Spanish TV (I can be seen a few times…)

IJmuiden meets the IGM…


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